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1. Insect prevention: By installing sealing strips on windows, the gap between the window frame and the wall is almost zero, which can isolate external flying insects from entering the room.

2. Dust prevention: The same principle as insect prevention, where there are no gaps between the window frames and walls, how can dust get in?

3. Waterproof: Water droplets enter the room mainly through various gaps, and the sealing strip prevents excessive gaps in the window, preventing rainwater from entering.

4. Sound insulation: The material of the sealing strip has a sound insulation effect, and with the disappearance of window gaps in the sealing strip, external noise is blocked outside. If there are gaps between sliding doors and windows, it is easy to generate wind noise when wind blows through them; The function of the wool strip is to buffer and fill the gaps, making the sealing and sound insulation effect of the product better.