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Doors (1)

Wind proof: This gear strip has good sealing performance and can block cold winds.

Dust prevention: It can effectively reduce the entry of dust and keep the air in the room fresh。

Maintaining temperature: When turning on air conditioning in a room in summer, it can effectively prevent the loss of air conditioning from the room, reduce electricity consumption, and also block the loss of heating when it is cold in winter! Reduced the cost of air conditioning and heating

Sound insulation and shockproof: After being installed on the door stop line, it reduces the collision sound when closing doors and windows, provides a protective effect on the edges of the door leaf, extends the life of the door, reduces noise, and can improve the quality of sleep

Insect prevention: After installing a door stopper, the distance between the bottom of the door and the ground is almost zero, effectively preventing mosquitoes and other small insects from entering the room.