Bringing warmth and tranquility to the world

Sustainability is at the heart of our purpose; creating more valuable products for a better world.


How can we live a comfortable and comfortable life without sealing products? The answer is, we can't. Sealing strips are durable, versatile, environmentally friendly and recyclable – ideal for a circular economy. But importantly, as a global society we need more sustainable products.


The eyes of the world are on the climate. As a weatherstrip company, we want to be part of the solution to this difficult situation. This means preparing for and responding to the most important long-term environmental and social trends that are changing the environment in which we operate. We must listen carefully to our stakeholders, whether they are nearby or around the world, and listen to their growing expectations. We must also outline what we need to do now to protect and increase stakeholder value in the future.


This means continuing to produce innovative weatherstrip products and solutions while maintaining operating standards that meet and exceed customer and investor expectations.


Embedding sustainability into business is critical to ensuring weatherstrips are the product of choice in the transition to a circular and low-carbon eco-friendly economy.